Thursday, November 4, 2010

$7 in 7

Today was better, and I am still catching up!
  1. Synch up grocery cards for coupon savings
  2. Call credit card #1 & #2 to get rates improved
  3. Go to bank and ask how debit card can save/earn me more
  4. Call My Tax Man and discuss missing refund for 2008
  5. End AT&T land line
  6. Cancel GoDaddy renewal of website, etc.
  7. Take clothes to consignment shop (#2!)

Got to work on #2. Here's what I was told by my credit card companies.
#1 company: "We are making no adjustments on APRs at this time." When I asked, it was not about my card but about EVERYONE! (stressed!)
#2 company: "Call back after the holidays"  Aha!
#3 company: "No lower rate right now. You're at our lowest rates." News to me! Good news!
#4 company: "Competitive rates at this time." I think, again holidays....
Conclusion: call back in January! There was good news, however: I found out that on 3 cards I had The lowest possible rates "at this time"--for cardholders in general (or at least that was what I was told!). This very good news, in my opinion, because rates are high. I also discovered that on 2 cards I had "membership points" that had racked up ovr time... a lot of them. So I transferred points to one of my frequent flyer programs and I "bought" 3 gift cards that I will use for Christmas presents. Since I had already earned the points and the mailing was free--Bonus!
Details about #1: Synch'd up one grocery card--no problem. Second one--I cannot get it online and the store's 877 number dumps me into a waiting pattern where no one comes on the phone to talk to me. Going to keep trying: the card works in the store, but not to load coupons onto it. I do get gas discounts wiht it, however, so what I basically use it for is okay; I just can't add to the card's value right now.

Grocery savings this week: $8.90 saved, $60.98 spent. This included Halloween candy (re-purposed into student rewards for in-class discussion), flowers, and a potted aloe vera plant totaling $13.65. Not buying these would just about have left me at my new weekly budget of $45/week for groceries... how quickly the extras add up! Although I do think flowers are a necessity, to be honest. I find I am happier with them in the house weekly.

With the first of the month, I also transferred money into both savings accounts, long-term (where the coupon/payback/etc. spending goes) and short-term. Paid credit cards and rent. Started the November Goodwill boxes, and re-enrolled in My U's benefits program. Assessed my pantry and thought about how to use the cans, beans, and rice there. Whew! Big accomplishment for me.

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